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Adventures in Lunch

Monday at 2:05 p.m., J writes:

Lunch is risky in Philadelphia. Today is my first day of class, which means I eat lunch out and eat the lunch I packed in my car on my way to class. Makes for an interesting foraging expedition.

I often supplement my lunches with items from the food truck, but food trucks, for all their merits, have a severe lack of options when it comes to chips and dessert. So I went to Washington Square Pharmacy today, where I expected to find something good.

Most pharmacies are really mini-grocery stores anymore, but not Washington Square Pharmacy. The lighting was dim, the place smelled like old ladies and it really did have nothing but drugs and associated vitamins, oh and canes, yeah this store, which had less square footage than my office, had an aisle with canes. Nice ones too. I wasn’t in the market for canes, but I suspect the clientele, who may appreciate that the place smells like home, would be.

Anyway, because of the overabundance of drugs and canes–did I mention the canes?–they didn’t have much in the way of chips or dessert. I had been hoping for a lemon fruit pie, but walked out with a Reeses Cup and a Butterfinger, because when you can’t decide it’s best to get them both.

The candy bars didn’t disappoint, but the experience of Washington Square Pharmacy most certainly did. And to the guy who was sorting tampon boxes at the counter while I waited for him to ring up my purchase, would it kill you to smile or say hello, or is that part of the charm of the place?

Anyway, after selecting my desert I went to my favorite truck to get my latest and greatest creation, the bacon cheese steak. He hit another home run. This time, instead of pork bacon he added turkey bacon. Maybe he was out of pork bacon, maybe because I’m a regular customer he was concerned about my health, I don’t know. But he got the taste exactly right, the sandwich fit inside the bun, which he kindly toasted, and the cheese whiz didn’t spill out, which often happens.

Cost today, $5.50, fifty cents less than last time for you avid readers. Why? I don’t know and I don’t care. The sandwich was pure deliciousness

I write on Tuesday at 1:15 p.m. (I was out Monday):

I love it.

I’m glad that “The candy bars didn’t disappoint” because one would think that with candy bar purchases you’re guaranteed to get the same level of candybarness each and every time. Not true.

Have you ever had a stale Reeses Peanut Butter Cup? They’re terrible. They’re not even worth eating.

J replies:

Actually, I’ve never been disappointed by a candy bar. Never.


You’ve never had a Reeses that was literally CRUMBY?

It happens when they’re stale.

J muses:

Haven’t, and oddly I feel like I’ve missed out on one of the great joys of life.

I retort:

It’s not one of the great joys of life.  It’s TERRIBLY disappointing.

There’s nothing like looking forward to biting into a nice, moist Reeses, and having your teeth meet with tasteless peanut butter dust. Awful, simply awful.

ALMOST as bad as looking forward to some ice cream you’ve put in the freezer (which you’ve watched your diet all day for), only to open and fruitlessly search the freezer’s frigid depths to find out your mom ate it.

One of the main reasons I moved out.

J agrees:

When your roommate, wife, mother, father, brother, pet sheep, et al. eat your food it is the end of the relationship, or beginning of the end, people should just know not to do that.

Yes. They should.

Price of Bacon

Via e-mail at 9:01 a.m. today
J writes:

Nothing causes me more chest tightening angst than the rising cost of bacon. When I was in high school 20 years ago, to get bacon on your sandwich was 45 cents a slice. It’s off the charts now. And if you are at a diner for breakfast, it can be as high as $5.00 for a side order of THREE SLICES OF BACON!!! I suppose the same people who think three slices of bacon is a satisfying amount are the folks who think a candy bar you can swallow in one bite is “fun size. ”

But I think I may have found a way to beat the system.

Bacon is expensive when you order it, but it doesn’t weigh hardly anything. If you buy it at one of those places where you pay for your food by the pound, you can get it really cheap. This morning, I got six slices of bacon and a sausage link for $1.38.

Two places:

At the 8th and Market Patco Stop (also the Gallery El Stop) there’s a place called Paganos where they serve a breakfast buffet of scrambled eggs, sausage, scrapple (some days), bacon and cheesy potatoes. Warning: don’t go too crazy; the potatoes especially are heavy and you’ll find yourself breaking the $2.00 mark pretty quick if you get them.

On Chestnut Street between 7th and 6th, Parks Salad Bar also serves breakfast. These establishment is presided over by two delightful Asians (I think they are husband and wife) who barely speak English, but always have Christian worship music playing over the loud speakers. This buffet has way more variety, including fruit, shrimp, egg rolls and chicken fingers, and, of course, bacon. Warning though, I think they only refresh on Monday, so if you go midweek the stuff will look pretty old.