Herrs Bar-B-Q Chips

Via e-mail today at 3:02 p.m.
J writes:

I love Herrs bar-b-q chips. And if love is too strong a word to describe how I feel about bar-b-q potato chips, it’s only because the English language makes us use the same word to describe the love for our dog that we have for taco bell or our children.

I’ll admit I never understood the flavor of bar-b-q. We’re not grilling them. And I’m not sure I’ve ever used bar-b-q sauce in grilling anyway.

But the Herrs bar-b-q chips (Gold Bag) are a fine product. For 99 cents, quite satisfying.

Know what I like most about them? The dust that collects at the bottom. I wonder if I worked at the Herrs chip factory they’d let me be the guy who puts the flavoring on the chips. Would I get sick of it after a while? Maybe the flavor dust bin is part of the tour.

I can dream.


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