Don’t Be Lazy, k? Thx.

Via e-mail beginning at 1:40 p.m.
J writes:

I hate to be the one to stand athwart the cultural wave and shout, STOP!!, but can we please stop abbreviating the words thank you in our e-mails? E-mail has already proven to be an incipient time waster, robbing us of any ability to have complete thoughts as we rush to every ping or blip only to discover disappointedly, or perhaps not, another ad for HOT GIRLS.COM.

More communication crime has been committed over e-mail than any other medium, even if the volume of e-mails relative to letters and phone calls makes the whole comparison skewed. How many times have you sent an e-mail, pissed someone off because they inferred a tone that wasn’t there, and then spent the rest of the day apologizing for what might have never happened had you gotten off your fat ass and had a face to face conversation with a person who works three feet down the hall? Thought so.

I’m hardly an erudite, but the abbreviation of thank you is the last straw for me. I have received so many one word e-mails this week that simply had thx or thanx or some other variation of Thank You. Yeah, thanks for taking the time. Just like nothing says I put no thought into this whatsoever than the gift of a paper-weight (very many wind storms in your air conditioned increasingly paperless office?) nothing says I need to acknowledge you but can’t find the time than abbreviating the words Thank You. Our culture has already eliminated thank you notes; this is just a bridge too far.

Thank you for taking the time to read.
I concur:


I like abbreviating words for comedic effect (like profesh, pretensh-got that one from a co-worker, abbrev, mome, etc) but HATE when people say thx (where’s the “N”?) but even more so, “thanx.” Really? You couldn’t spare ONE EXTRA KEYSTROKE to properly type the “K” and add an “S”?

That, is the epitome of laziness.

Also-I hate when people say drop the “G” off the end of a word BUT ADD AN APOSTROPHE.

Any time you may have saved (oh and how presh your time must be!) in order to eliminate that keystroke is completely wasted by adding the ‘.  I mean, really? If anything, you probably added EXTRA time because everyone knows that typing anything that isn’t a letter adds like, .10 seconds onto your typing speed.

Nah’ mean?


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