Price of Bacon

Via e-mail at 9:01 a.m. today
J writes:

Nothing causes me more chest tightening angst than the rising cost of bacon. When I was in high school 20 years ago, to get bacon on your sandwich was 45 cents a slice. It’s off the charts now. And if you are at a diner for breakfast, it can be as high as $5.00 for a side order of THREE SLICES OF BACON!!! I suppose the same people who think three slices of bacon is a satisfying amount are the folks who think a candy bar you can swallow in one bite is “fun size. ”

But I think I may have found a way to beat the system.

Bacon is expensive when you order it, but it doesn’t weigh hardly anything. If you buy it at one of those places where you pay for your food by the pound, you can get it really cheap. This morning, I got six slices of bacon and a sausage link for $1.38.

Two places:

At the 8th and Market Patco Stop (also the Gallery El Stop) there’s a place called Paganos where they serve a breakfast buffet of scrambled eggs, sausage, scrapple (some days), bacon and cheesy potatoes. Warning: don’t go too crazy; the potatoes especially are heavy and you’ll find yourself breaking the $2.00 mark pretty quick if you get them.

On Chestnut Street between 7th and 6th, Parks Salad Bar also serves breakfast. These establishment is presided over by two delightful Asians (I think they are husband and wife) who barely speak English, but always have Christian worship music playing over the loud speakers. This buffet has way more variety, including fruit, shrimp, egg rolls and chicken fingers, and, of course, bacon. Warning though, I think they only refresh on Monday, so if you go midweek the stuff will look pretty old.


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