Lunch on Friday

An email exchange from 6/23/10 between several members of the department…
From T:

After a fun conversation about food with J, as always, we decided to venture to Primo Hoagies on 11th and Walnut for lunch this Friday.

Anyone else interested?

Think about it…there’s time to decide 🙂

Menu is below, and remember – “It’s not just a hoagie, it’s a primo”
M responds:

I’m off… but jealous! Seriously, I LOVE hoagies. My favorite flavor is “American.”
J decries:

Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph Saint Francis and All the Birds.

“American,” is not a hoagie flavor. It’s possibly the lamest hoagie selection in all of hoagiedom. You can get an “American” hoagie, which is actually a combination of very lame flavorless meats compared to the “Italian” hoagie, which just goes to show that Italians do everything better when it comes to food, at any food truck. This is Primo Hoagies, where things are more creative. If you order an “American Hoagie,” you are wasting your time. You may as well go to Baskin Robbin’s 49 flavors and order vanilla. Ugh.

That’s all.
T responds:

HAHAHA – J you are too much!!!!

Even though I too love American hoagies (love Italian hoagies even more), you totally used your power of persuasion and made me see the light. For that I am eternally grateful and my hoagie experience at Primos will always be sacred.
J opines:

Any place with a variety of vegetarian choices (N!!!) deserves some credit for creativity. We at least owe them the respect to not order something as lame as an American Hoagie.

American Hoagies have bologna. Bologna, people. You know what else eats bologna? Toddlers whose taste buds haven’t totally developed.

I’m just saying.
That’s the end of the e-mail exchange. But I wanted to share the following, as it is apropos and hilarious.

Jim Gaffigan has banging material from his “Beyond the Pale” tour about bologna- “Steak is like the tuxedo of meat and bolonga is the retarded cousin. If you’re eating steak, something special is happening. If you’re eating bologna, you might be special. ”

He also does a bit on bologna from his “King Baby” comedy special.


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